Saturday, 29 November 2008

Stairway to heaven (or to the way out down in the underground station =])

Whenever I travel by tube in London and I use the escalators I always think of that Tom and Jerry episode, Heavenly Puss, when Tom goes to Heaven. He climbs the golden stairway of Heaven to the golden gates of the Heavenly Express. Unfortunately for Tom, the gatekeeper refuses the entry because he has persecuted Jerry all his life. However, if he can get a signature stating Jerry's forgiveness within an hour, a reprieve will be granted and he will be allowed through, otherwise he will be condemned to Hell, where Spike the Bulldog personified as the devil with a pitchfork awaits.

Fact: the longest stairway in London and in all Western Europe is at the Angel station, with a vertical rise of 27.4 m (90 ft) and a length of 60 m (197 ft).

The truth is that I am scared of escalators, but they fascinate me as well...

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