Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Need for ink *_*

I always loved tattoos. I got my first one when I was 14 of 15, I'm not sure. It is like an addiction, once you get started, you want more and more of them. I already have like five, but I really would like to get some more.
Tattoos are a just a great kind of body art. I don't know, the more tattoos I have the more safe I feel, they are like some sort of a protective layer on my skin. It sounds strange, but it is like that. Each of my tattoos has a great value for me. I had my first one covered and I feel sorry for that one, it was part of me, well it still is underneath the new one, but I feel like I lost a tiny fracture of my personality by covering that old tattoo.

By the way, I have just one advice for everybody who did not turn 18 or let's say maybe even 20 yet, don't get tattooed too early, becuse teenagers change all the time, one day they want one thing, the other day something else, and a tattoo is something you have to wear for the rest of your life and it is very important that you feel comfortable with it. Jesus, i really sound like my mom now =]].

I would totally get my sleeves done as well, but I'm not quite sure about that, maybe I'll get a small one, just for the sake of knowing that I have one on my arm, maybe my wrist. (Mom, don't get anxious, it's just a plan =]).

Oh, and tattooed guys are like so hot, I always dreamed that my husband would be a rockstar, or just some dude playing in a band or a tattoo artist ^_^.

Anyway, bottom line is that tattoos are a great thing, just be careful what you choose.

Note: download or watch on Discovery Miami Ink or L.A. Ink (Kat von D rocks btw ^_^) or even London Ink and enjoy, great shows!


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