Sunday, 19 July 2009


It's not fresh, it's dead for crying out loud!

Think again about your choices! If you don't have the heart to eat this baby chick, stop eating meat!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Michael was innocent! >_<

MJ was a big kid in a grown man's body. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I understand perfectly his need for spending some time with boys. What the hell, I love spending time with little girls and you don't see anyone pressing charges against me and my outrageous behaviour, simply because it's absolutely normal!
Kids have this magic ability to make you feel like one of them once more. When I play with the little girls from my family I just feel like I'm their age again, and it's so much fun to play without a care in the world and to actually be able to forget the stress of everyday life for a short time.
I absolutely hate all the ignorant bastards who just can't mind their own business! Get a life!

So who's bad now, huh? :P

May you rest in peace Michael! The world loves you!