Thursday, 29 January 2009

Jeux d'enfants *_*

Yesterday I joined a game. For now there are only three players, including me, one of my best friends and another guy I don't even know personally. The game is simple. We have a given situation, a topic if you wish and we have to write a short story about it. Each week one of us sets the topic. This is the first week, the deadline for finishing the story is Monday, the tagline is: A person gets hit by car... This has to appear in our stories, each story can be based on this or it can be just part of it. I already started writing mine yesterday, I will post it most probably on Monday. I am really excited about this ^_^

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Library card =]]

I joined the local library today and they gave me this library card =]]

I wonder if I can use it instead of an id to get passed security in clubs =]]

Listen to this ^_^

This is one of the songs from the film I mentioned in my other post, A Home at the End of the World. Enjoy!
*If you litsen to this song after you watched the film it will be magical =]*

Monday, 26 January 2009

Waking up in the middle of the night O_O

If you wake up in the middle of the night it can be good or it can be really bad. Here are a few random situations:

  • You wake up thirsty (most probably due to having a dream about drinking out of a bottomless bottle or just because of the warm and dry air in your room) and you have a glass of water on your night table, which can be the most pleasant thing, just to drink all of it and to go right back to sleep. On the other hand if there isn't any it can be the most painful thing to go out to the kitchen half asleep and get some water because otherwise you just can't go back to sleep.

  • You wake up and need the toilet desperately (and again most probably because you are having a dream about taking a wee on the loo or in the sea or in your pants or anywhere else), but you just don't have any strenght to get up because it will be so cold outside your warm, cozy bed. However you still have to go because you know it will be better after that. The worst thing that can happen is that you can't go back to sleep and you can start counting sheep then...

  • You know it's a weekday night, you have to go to school or work in the morning, thus you have to wake up early. You fall asleep like a baby and you wake up at midnight, you look at your clock and realise that you can sleep for many many hours until the morning. The bad thing is when you wake up ten minutes before your alarm rings, in this case the whole morning is ruined.

  • You are having a nightmare and wake up all sweaty and you can't go back to sleep until the sun comes up, you stay with your lights on and try to stay awake to avoid another nightmare (okay this might be just me after watching a Japanese psycho thriller:P)

  • You wake up somewhere else, it takes minutes until you realise you are not in your room or that maybe you have someone sleeping next to you, this can be both, pleasant and unpleasant.

Okay then, I will resume my list now and I'll call it a night! I made sure to have an extra large glass of water next to my bed just in case :D

Night night! ^_^

Comicbook feeling O_o

Sometimes I feel that the events in my life happen so fast that I seem to miss everything that is happening in between... It's just like a strip out of a comicbook...

Realtionship drama *_*

I found this cute cartoon strip today, I thought I post it for you ^_^

How too many ways of communication can screw up so many things >_<

My phone is getting messed up, I receive only half of the messages and sometimes the little envelope appears on the screen but I cannot actually see the message in my inbox folder. God damn it >_<.
Some people complain about me not answering their messages, some people just ignore me and they don't even tell me that they sent me a message which remained unreplied. How I hate this hi-tech world, where you are obliged to learn text message etiquette and give a thousand explanations if you just don't feel like answering your phone or replying on the messenger, in order to avoid upsetting others...
A phone call, a text message or an e-mail can become the most important thing in your life and if you don't receive it because of a technical error or any other reason for that matter, it can mess up everything...
It was so nice when in high school we didn't even use mobile phones or messenger and we just set up a date and everyone showed up, there weren't any last minute cancellation text messages. Unforunately I have to admit that I became addicted to my phone and to the messenger, but I am still very nostalgig about the phoneless times...

Off topic--> film reccomendation: A home at the end of the world and Mysterious skin

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Post deleted O_o

I deleted the last post, because it was stupid and I wrote it drunk in the middle of the night when everything seemed lost... All my regular readers have already read it before I woke up and deleted it... Sorry guys for being such a drama queen yet again!
I think I am strong enough to move on and avoid behaving like a three-year old stubborn and spoiled child, who cries hysterically when she doesn't have everything her way. This is life and it is still beautiful and there are so many things to look forward to!
One message to all the slipper animalcules left out there, may you all [curse word] [curse word] [curse word]!!!
*My friends know why :D*
Cheers ^_^

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I <3 London ^_^

10 things I love about London (in random order):

  • Foreign boys from all over the world in skinnies
  • Strongbow cider
  • Flapjack
  • Pubs (my favourites are The World's End and the Lock Tavern)
  • Camden
  • Alternative fashion shops (from vintage to j-fashion)
  • Huge parks with ponds
  • 24 hour bus service
  • Gigs, exhibitions and everything culture-related, because there isn't a single day when you can't go out to see something
  • Gorgeous buildings (from the Buckingham Place to family houses)

Dreams *_*

I just woke up from a nice one and a half hour nap and I had the strangest series of dreams again... It started a few days ago, when I began going to bed really early and fell fast asleep. I am having these dreams about my hometown, people I haven't seen in quite a while, my former classmates, my friends from kindergarten and everything happens in weird places which remind me of my childhood. The lights and colours make me feel really comfortable... A dream I am having for probably the 645637th time is about the apartment I used to live in with my mom ten years ago and another one is about cats and how they jump on me and scratch me till I wake up... Anyway I'm becoming overexcited and I wake up a bit tired because of all these dreams... Too bad I can't record them and watch them over and over again.
So anyone who wants to show off their knowledge about Freudian psychoanalysis or his interpretation of dreams, please feel free ^_^


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

First unfriendly guy in London O_o

Today I went to get some help with my PhD application form at Birckbeck University and the guy at the registry was totally rude, he was like why do you need help with your application... Fuckin idiot! Because I want to get it right, that's why, you ignorant little shmuck! Ater this I said that he should get me someone elso who can help me, then he suddenly became really helpful, but he was still talking to me like I was some kind of feeble minded kid who has no idea about how things work.
It was a really unpleasant experience, as I thought that everyone in London is friendly and relaxed, but not this guy, no... Anyway I calmed down when the doorman said bye in the lovely English manner I am used to ^_^

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Big Brother is watching you >_<

My mom just informed me that the Romanian government just passed an idiotic law, which is totally outrageous in my opinion and I think many people will agree with me on this one.
Law no. 298/2008 appeared today in the Official Gazette of Romania (if you want, just google for it and be amazed) and it is supposed to protect the well being of the Romanian citizens and their private lives by recording and retaining private phone conversations and online conversations. These pieces of information will be filed in the system for 6 months. However I don't see how the hell this whole procedure could possibly serve for my personal well being, I think that the only reason they are recording these conversations is to find out something they can use against me or any citizen for that matter. I see the whole thing as Orwell described it in his novel, 1984: He who controls the past, controls the future.
So as far as I'm concerned I think that this law is just another way to show off the authority of the legal system (which is still a big gibberish and it changes like fashion trends do every season) and to scare the sh*t out of people who have something to hide or who are afraid to do anything which might be against the law. Another quote by Orwell says that: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I rest my case.
So everyone who is reading this and is still in Romania, hide your stashes well, deep in your drawers, talk about the weather on the phone and on the messenger, go easy on those x-rated sites and be paranoid all the time because Big Brother is watching you!

Now isn't this cute? But it's wrooooooong!!! =]]

This morning one of my best friends told me that my posts are becoming superficial and I write like a silly little schoolgirl who is totally in love. I didn't know how to react... to get upset or to admit that she is right :P

Monday, 19 January 2009


All my friends will say that I am being emo again, but I'm not, okay?! :P

I would like to post a Pon and Zi drawing which is really cute and I miss you- Blink 182, my favourite song, video and lyrics of all times, because it makes me have a thousand different feelings in 4 minutes and because it has Jack and Sally from the The Nightmare before Christmas in the lyrics ^_^ If I don't make any sense, or if I'm not coherent at all, I'm sorry, this is a random post before going to bed =]

Cheers ^_^

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Head over heels <3

He makes me feel like a kid again, he makes me cry secretly for no apparent reason, he makes me not want to even look at anyone else and he gives me reason to wake up in the morning <3

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Prettiest dress ever ^_^

Yesterday I bought my first gothic lolita dress, I am wearing it today because we are invited to a special, bit more formal party. I am in love with this dress, I wanted to sleep in it, but I just put it next to my bed so that it was the first thing I saw this morning ^_^ yay

Accents O_o

Talking to people with a northern British accent is like watching Trainspotting without subtitles O_o

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Random stuff while I'm waiting for a text msg >_<

I was just looking at old pics and stuff I found on the Internet a while ago. I found this one which I really like, a very dear friend of mine sent it to me a couple of years ago...
I am daydreaming of the seaside and a gentle breeze through my salty hair...
Music: Lamb-Gorecki. Enjoy my dears! ^_^

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Ahmmmm O_o

I stopped writing in my first blog when I adopted a puppy, he got all my attention and all my love, I just stopped blogging after I took him home. My mom was wondering why I stopped writing in this one. Well no dog this time, but I have a huge crush and he's on my mind 24/7 so I'm becoming really clumsy and I can produce nothing else but cheesy thoughts. Sorry guys, I'll be back shortly :P

Note to my Mom: don't ask anything as I still think I have bad luck, the only thing I hope for is that maybe this time everything will be different >_<

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Shoes ^_^

I found this today on My Grandma's Backyard [] and as a shoe addict I am reposting it.

Love, S.

Luggage O_o

Time to pack again... The past 5 years of my life have been a huge packing journey back and forth. I moved countless times, I visited new places on a regular basis, I left my house for days, partied around the city and crashed at friends' places. I still like to do that and I most probably will continue with this lifestyle until I decide where I would like to settle down.
Now I'll go pack all the clothes I won't wear anyway but which I just can't leave at home because they are so pretty ^_^

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Ex-Factor >_<

Why the hell does it bother me when one of my exes hooks up with someone else after I was the one who dumped him anyway for someone cuter *evil grin*...

He should suffer and be miserable and cry for me during his sleepless nights and stay alone for all eternity and he should not be able to have a normal relationship with anyone else if he couldn't have one with me!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Old >_<

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

I'll never grow up [17 forever^_^] and growing old is one of those things that freaks the hell out of me. I feel like time is running out, I feel like I have to hurry, I have to do my idiotic things quickly, because in a while noone will find them cute anymore...

Inspiration O_O

Inspiration has been the word for me so far this year, or better said the lack of it =[[
I never wondered before what inspires people... maybe muses, music, love, hate, sorrow, alcohol, drugs, the weather, places, people, books, films, pictures, newspapers, death, being indoor, being outdoor, parties, hangovers, friends, enemies, strangers, flowers, ambulances, traffic lights, fear, courage, rusted metal, goosebumps, dogs, babies, Christmas, summer, winter, coffee, Japan, ribbons or any other random thing... BLANK O_O
[Saladfingers-Episode 1]

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Into the void... O_O

Total lack of inspiration and an empty head... All I have today is my moodswings...

Out of the blue and into the void
I wanna try but I get annoyed
Can't you see these skies are breaking?
So out of the blue and into the void.
[Placebo-One of a kind]

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year! *_*

New Year's Eve, one word: wasted O_O.

As far as I remember I made one wish at 12, between a few sips from 5 different champaigns...

Well, Happy New Year to all of you and may you have more inspiration in 2009!

[Music: Justice vs. Simian-We are your friends]