Saturday, 17 January 2009

Prettiest dress ever ^_^

Yesterday I bought my first gothic lolita dress, I am wearing it today because we are invited to a special, bit more formal party. I am in love with this dress, I wanted to sleep in it, but I just put it next to my bed so that it was the first thing I saw this morning ^_^ yay


  1. Sounds divine, but I need to know more...colour style, shoes that were worn with the dress...?

  2. Black and white dress, white shirt with puffy short sleeves, black ribbon around my neck, 5 layers of velvet underskirt, a big ribbon in the back, a bit french made-ish style, underneath black tights and fishnet stockings, a bit old school style, very pretty black high heels with laces. So hat is about it :D


  3. no freaking waay:X:X si eu vreaaaau:(((( aww,i miss you princess....