Wednesday, 21 January 2009

First unfriendly guy in London O_o

Today I went to get some help with my PhD application form at Birckbeck University and the guy at the registry was totally rude, he was like why do you need help with your application... Fuckin idiot! Because I want to get it right, that's why, you ignorant little shmuck! Ater this I said that he should get me someone elso who can help me, then he suddenly became really helpful, but he was still talking to me like I was some kind of feeble minded kid who has no idea about how things work.
It was a really unpleasant experience, as I thought that everyone in London is friendly and relaxed, but not this guy, no... Anyway I calmed down when the doorman said bye in the lovely English manner I am used to ^_^

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