Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Big Brother is watching you >_<

My mom just informed me that the Romanian government just passed an idiotic law, which is totally outrageous in my opinion and I think many people will agree with me on this one.
Law no. 298/2008 appeared today in the Official Gazette of Romania (if you want, just google for it and be amazed) and it is supposed to protect the well being of the Romanian citizens and their private lives by recording and retaining private phone conversations and online conversations. These pieces of information will be filed in the system for 6 months. However I don't see how the hell this whole procedure could possibly serve for my personal well being, I think that the only reason they are recording these conversations is to find out something they can use against me or any citizen for that matter. I see the whole thing as Orwell described it in his novel, 1984: He who controls the past, controls the future.
So as far as I'm concerned I think that this law is just another way to show off the authority of the legal system (which is still a big gibberish and it changes like fashion trends do every season) and to scare the sh*t out of people who have something to hide or who are afraid to do anything which might be against the law. Another quote by Orwell says that: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I rest my case.
So everyone who is reading this and is still in Romania, hide your stashes well, deep in your drawers, talk about the weather on the phone and on the messenger, go easy on those x-rated sites and be paranoid all the time because Big Brother is watching you!


  1. please read the full law text!!!, the petition is misinformative... it's not 'recording and retaining private phone conversations and online conversations', it's just recording data about your conversations, not your conversation, it's a big difference!!!

  2. ok, i read the law, otherwise i would't be blogging about it :P
    could you be more specific in your comment, because i don't really get what the difference between "your conversation" and "your conversations" is.
    but it's good to have different opinions on this particular topic =]

  3. what are they stocking like there s no tomorrow are IPs, the numbers (yours&the receiver's) as well as the location n stuff. i didn t get it that well either, im not a law student, but... the idea is that they record information about the sender,etc not the actual conversations. bla it still sucks tho. at least they made it official :))

  4. they are stocking it, but noone can try to convince us that they don't actually listen to or read the conversations. fuckin' nazis =]] sorry :P

  5. i officially apologize for the n-word in my previous comment. whoever was offended (*cough* mom *cough*) i am officially sorry :D

  6. Thx Sylvinka:) Mom:))