Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dreams *_*

I just woke up from a nice one and a half hour nap and I had the strangest series of dreams again... It started a few days ago, when I began going to bed really early and fell fast asleep. I am having these dreams about my hometown, people I haven't seen in quite a while, my former classmates, my friends from kindergarten and everything happens in weird places which remind me of my childhood. The lights and colours make me feel really comfortable... A dream I am having for probably the 645637th time is about the apartment I used to live in with my mom ten years ago and another one is about cats and how they jump on me and scratch me till I wake up... Anyway I'm becoming overexcited and I wake up a bit tired because of all these dreams... Too bad I can't record them and watch them over and over again.
So anyone who wants to show off their knowledge about Freudian psychoanalysis or his interpretation of dreams, please feel free ^_^


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