Thursday, 29 January 2009

Jeux d'enfants *_*

Yesterday I joined a game. For now there are only three players, including me, one of my best friends and another guy I don't even know personally. The game is simple. We have a given situation, a topic if you wish and we have to write a short story about it. Each week one of us sets the topic. This is the first week, the deadline for finishing the story is Monday, the tagline is: A person gets hit by car... This has to appear in our stories, each story can be based on this or it can be just part of it. I already started writing mine yesterday, I will post it most probably on Monday. I am really excited about this ^_^


  1. Jaj, alig várom Monday-t:)


  2. Nah, nem leszek többet Anonymous:)
    Lett bloggom:D
    Nehéz, kimerítő foglalkozás hallode:)))