Sunday, 1 February 2009

When everything seems to fall apart... >_<

There are times when I really hate my rollercoaster kind of life! I have such bad days sometimes that I don't see any reason at all to do something with my life. The good thing is that after these messed up days or weeks perhaps, something unexpectedly good happens (well most of the time it does). So basically my life is a big waiting game for something better or for something of the same level as the previous nice things. Right now I'm just anxious, impatient, intolerant, irritated, frustrated, bored, uninterested, jaded, fed up, apatethic, indifferent, uninvolved, listless and I want everyone to leave me alone until I manage to compose myself a bit. Right now I cannot wait for another exciting Monday, hurray! NOT!!!!!!!

Good night!

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