Saturday, 21 February 2009

What a shitty month >_<

The return of the drama queen [that being me]. Take one...
Is there anything in this world that could get me out of this miserable state of mind I wonder?! So far nothing seems to work, I think I'm just a natural born depressed being... and yes, I'm the one who screws up everything because I lack any form of patience, not to mention my total incapability of taking decisions... grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Someone said that spring will change everything... well I effin hate spring!
P.S. Boys are stupid and they expect us to kill the spiders lurking on the wall!


  1. Kicsim, türelmetlen vagy, mert megszoktad, hogy pörögnek a napjaid, zajlik az életed. Abban a helyzetben amiben vagy, az minden csak nem pörgés. Ezért várod türelmetlenül a változást! Semmi más baj veled nincs! Túl kedves, érzékeny vagy arra, hogy határozott döntésdeket hozzál! Na, ezt majd kinövöd:) No pánik! Kerülni a póktól félő srácokat!!!:) Puszik, Mom:)

    ps. akár le is fordíthatod, más is értse:))

  2. boys are indeed stupid. and they don't pay any attention. they just believe whatever the want. and that's stupid, cause we're the ones that actually have to suffer for it. stupid stupid stupid

  3. and we do suffer because of the ignorant little bastards =[[

  4. yeah boys are stupid .... thats the easy way isn't it?Then why do girls in their infinit wisdom fall into their traps ?? If you are superior would'n it be easy for you to manipulate them...?
    Maybe the stupidity goes bouth ways!Boys lie ..poke 'em in the eye!girls cheat so f..that shit.
    Boys suffer to and in the end we are all a bunch of ignorant little batards...couse we all have the tendecy to complicate our own life...but it's ok ..couse it's more fun this way

  5. fair enough... i agree actually :P

  6. maybe those who were born at 15 febr are naturally borned to be depressed,to be inpatient,and to be incaple to make any rite decisions>:D< no worries! u are not alone:*