Thursday, 26 February 2009

Dilemma... >_<

I miss home so many times, I miss my family, my friends and that fact that home makes me feel so safe. But on the other hand the idea of moving back home for good scares the hell out of me, my heart would break because I would miss Camden so much.

It was love at first sight and it never stops growing! Camden gives me the same feeling Cluj did when I started university. Sometimes I have these strong flashbacks of colours, smells and feelings and I feel like I'm dreaming, it's so strange but so nice...
I can't wait to go out in the weekend, boozed out, with my little odd scenes in my mind and have a great time, in Camden obviously ^_^

1 comment:

  1. A mai napig ősszel, illatok, fények, színek juttatják eszembe az egyetemista éveimet és nem voltam olyan nagy bulislány, de nah, kivettem a részem a "zéletből":))
    Szóval nagyon ok, ha ezt érzed, nincs ezzel semmi baj, kicsi Camdengirl:))
    Puszik, Mom:)