Thursday, 26 February 2009

Eat Me, Drink Me O_o

These past days I've been listening to Manson's Eat Me Drink Me album again, he is a bit emo on this one, but I like the sound and the lyrics anyway, I bought it first thing when it came out ^_^ It's not as good as the good ol' "sex and don't forget the violence" Manson, but it's all right. Actually everything is understandable, he just divorced Dita Von Teese and he was about to hook up wit Evan Rachel Wood. If you check out the pics of the two Manson-ladies, you can tell that the new Mrs. Manson to be (?) is starting to look like Dita, Manson must be really missing her I guess...
Anyway I wanted to post some lyrics from this album...

I kill myself in small amounts
in each relationship, it's not about love.
Just another funeral and
just another girl left in tears.
I gave my soul to someone else,
she must have known that
it was already sold.
It was never about her,
it was about the hurt.
U draw the conclusion... ^_^ [not that there is or should be any O_x]

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