Sunday, 16 November 2008

About perfumes *_*

There are so many perfumes, it is almost impossible to choose the fragrance which suits me the best. Every perfume I have reminds me of boys, parties, places, walks, special days... I always keep a bit in the bottom of every perfume bottle so that when I smell it I can go back in time and relive those moments when I was wearing that certain perfume. I wear Chanel now, Madmoiselle, it has been my favourite fragrance for more than a year now. I didn't even use my other perfumes, only the Chanel, but I have to get a new one. I have to choose between a totally new one or one I had before. Tough choice, but still I think I would like to get the Pure Poison fom Dior, again... reminds me of a great summer at the seaside two years ago, it would give me daydreaming material for the rainy London days...

Note: the new Paco Rabanne guy is like *_*


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