Sunday, 30 November 2008

About Christmas ^_^

Strangely this year I think I got my groove back, my Christmas spirit is finally back ^_^. The past few years I was like the Grinch, just wanted to get the whole thing over with. But this year I am all jolly, I want to listen to Christmas carols. I can't wait to go home and decorate the tree and help my grandmother prepare dinner and take out my little cousin for a walk while it will be snowing hopefully.
So yesterday I went Christmas shopping for my family and I actually enjoyed it! Three more weeks and we will be driving home. You know that Chris Rea song, Driving home for Christmas, I am listening to that. Most of the time I found it very cheesy, but now I just love it, it puts me in a great mood.
I love the smell of Christmas, it's a mixture of snow, pine, sparkles, chocolate cake with a hint of cinnamon and freshly baked bagels.
On Christmas Eve I always watch the Wizard of Oz after dinner and opening the presents. On the firts day of Christmas I wake up to the smell of the pine and I have cakes and look at my presents, which we always leave under the tree. This brings back so many memories.
Counting the days until then ^_^

Love, S.

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  1. The Wizard of Oz would have been better if the sissy lion had been a gorilla instead.