Sunday, 28 December 2008

The place I used to live made me feel like a tourist >_<

I always spend the Christmas holidays at home. Home for me means hanging out with my family and with some of my very close friends and being nostalgic about my childhood and my school years.
It was good to see all my old friends and former classmates again at the party in my hometown, but something was not right, I feel like I don't belong here anymore... All I could think of was London...

Sometimes I wonder if there is a place in the Universe where I would feel good and where I would love to stay forever and ever, for all eternity without wanting to be in any other place but the one I am in at that moment O_o


  1. hmmm...i am wondering if there is such a place. once u travel so much, u get to see all the little places on the map, u bond with many of them... but maybe u become "global" too picking up one thing u like from here, another from there. u'll never be happy in one place, cause u'll miss the thing from the other one.
    conclusion: u should sometimes find a place that can be changed, adapted to ure needs, or a person that adapts...:) or...i'll be blogging about it, cause it's too long:P

  2. That place it's called Madrid :teeth: