Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cool/uncool hunting ^_^

I was looking at random profiles on Myspace this morning (had nothing better to do as the rain was pouring outside) and I was wondering about what makes one look cool or uncool.
There are many people who just follow trends, get tons of piercings and tattoos and they still look uncool, because they don't have that charm which makes someone special, that something that makes other people say wow when they see these people.
I found a guy who knows how to wear his tattoos and has the right attitude in pictures (I am posting his pic, I have a major platonic crush on him =]).
The main thing is that those people who desperately try to be cool are simply ridiculous in most cases. What I find cool is being yourself and nice smiles! =]
Love, S.


  1. London and it's weather is wearing you out girl :D
    cool/uncool or maybe lack of personality and self confidence...
    tattoo / clothing accessories may help you look and feel great but can't help you live another day. Just fooling around,
    c'ya J

  2. i like the way u think! =]

    we really should have that bottle of wine finally when i go home!

    cheers ^_^

  3. wine... sounds great, looking forward to that!
    hope we can finally make it.
    all my best wishes, hope to see you soon!