Saturday, 25 April 2009

The evil black cat *_*

I don't like cats, I have nightmares of them jumping on me, scratching and biting me 'till I bleed to death in horrible agony... And I am also superstitious, black cats crossing my path... it can't get worse...

Today I went to Highgate Cemetery, it's truly beautiful.
When I was walking down the hill next to the fence of the cemetery I noticed a black cat sitting in the middle of the walk. It didn't pay any attention to the two people walking past it before me. It was waiting for me I tell you and it had an evil look in it's eyes. I am trying not to romanticise or overdramatize the whole story, but it was dreadful. It was nothing like Emily Strange's cat...
So anyway as I was getting closer, it started running towards me, I thought I would faint that instance, I could already see how it will scratch my eyes out. It was very insistent, I stroked it, thinking that it's better this way. Then I wanted to walk away and it jumped on the fence next to me, I stroked it again and then all of a sudden, with an unexpected movement it put it's paw on my hand. It might sound silly, laugh all you want, but it wasn't in a playful way, it was something maleficent. Then I sped up my steps and as I looked back it was still staring at me.
I think it might have jumped on the back of the bus and might have followed me home. Now it's just waiting for the darkness to fall over the city and then it'll fulfil it's evil plan to destroy me. Oh dear... >_<
[Okay, this last part isn't true, but if my posts cease to exist, you can be sure that the cat managed to pull it off...]

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