Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Another religion related post, sorry... O_o

I've been going to mass this week, for my grandpa and for myself too actually. Going to church is slowly becoming addictive... think Fight Club... you know the support group thing... it feels like that... sort of...
The thing is that I don't know any prayers, okay, just one in Hungarian, but here I have no clue what to say in church and the prayers... no idea about that whatsoever either and I didn't even bother to check them how they sound in English, not even out of curiosity. I never even wanted to learn one anyway. Here's what I think of prayers... In school you had to learn poems by heart and I always found it very difficult to memorize them and I didn't see the point of the whole thing. It didn't leave any room for your own thoughts and creativity. You learnt a poem by heart, you got a good grade, if you failed to learn it, you got a bad grade. Simple as that.
Now, does learning loads of prayers and saying them over and over again, instead of talking to God in your own words, make you look good in the eyes of God? And if you don't know even one single prayer does it mean that you are doomed forever? Okay, I know silly rethoric questions, but please do tell if you feel the need to learn prayers for different reasons!
Peace be with you and good night! ^_^


  1. I agree with you and U know that I know a lot of prayers, but they are just poems. Listening to your inner voice its so much better. But there are also times when I do not know what to say, and I want something good to happen and then I say this poems.

  2. I'm sure you know how couple of centuries earlier you would have been burnt on a pole for questioning our Lord's words as they were given to us, and claiming to know better.

  3. I would have started a revolution and I would have died for my beliefs if I lived in thos times...
    Oh well, it's the 21st century, God is still the same, however I'm not getting burnt. It's a win-win situation ^_^

  4. p.s. I am not caliming to know anything better, it's just my point of view and my way of approaching this matter...

  5. p.s. 2 corrections: *those
    sorry I'm a bit distracted :P