Friday, 24 October 2008

I'm addicted to Hello Kitty... =^_^=

Hello Kitty is Japan's brilliant answer to Disney's Mickey Mouse phenomenon in the U.S. The distinct face of Hello Kitty is now plastered on 22,000 different products and sold in about 40 countries. Sanrio's biggest success is its ability to create products that appeal not only to children, but women in their 20s and 30s around the world. That's why Kitty adorns not only bedspreads, backpacks and notebooks, but mobile phones, toasters and even cars.

Every time I see Hello Kitty products in a store I have to buy something, it's like a serious addiction that I can't control and actually I don't even wish to control. It all begun when my 4-year-old cousin started to collect HK stuff, then I started to buy HK stuff for her, until one day I've found myself buying all kinds of HK junk for me, too. If I start to think about this issue more seriously I end up having thoughts about conspiracy theories and that all of us HK Junkies are being controlled by a superior power that is the Sanrio Empire, I can see the Japanese CEO's evil grins as we buy every piece of HK junk we don't need. Check out this page and see for yourself what I am talking about (

Until next time I am going to have lunch with my HK chopsticks, drink tea from my HK mug, write down my to-do-list with my pink HK pen in my HK notebook, read my comments and mail on the Hello Kitty Junkies social site, get dressed in my HK tank top, take my HK tote bag and go down to the mall to buy HK earrings O_o

Love, S.

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