Sunday, 26 October 2008

Insomniac mode O_O

I tried to fall asleep for more than an hour now... I can't go to sleep. Period. I was thinking that I have to go to sleep, I need to sleep, I am useless without a good night's sleep, but frankly I don't need it right now, I'm too excited tonight... I can't point it out why exactly... The deal is that I don't have to sleep if I can't and if I don't want to... Trancelike feeling... sort of...
Music keeps me awake I guess. Arctic Monkeys. I don't listen to Korn anymore... well, not tonight, or not this mornig...

I rescued a Teddy bear the other day from the trash. Here, everyone is throwing out things. Whatever people put in front of their houses is junk, anyone can take it before the garbagemen take it away. So there was a Teddy at our neighbor's, I took it, I put it in the washing machine and I kept it. It's a cuddly Teddy, I am keeping it for sure. I named it. It became a he, Little Molko (after Brian Molko <3).

We'll try to go to sleep now (again *sigh*).

Nighty night!

P.S. Counting sheep might work :D

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