Friday, 24 October 2008

strongbow cider, "winter passing" and dreaming all night... O_o

Last night after having two strong ciders with my roomie, we decided to watch a movie. "Winter passing", one of my favourite movies ( I watched it like five times already. I love the heroine, Reese, she reminds me of myself. The whole subject has a very interesting white trash-ish kind of feeling. The places inspire me in a strange way, it's like I've been there before... (Does it happen to you that you find a place that you have seen in your dreams? It does happen to me many times, it lasts ony for a few seconds, but it gives me the creeps, good greeps :P). Anyway, one of the scenes at the beginning is mind blowing, I always wanted to have a room like that... it has a large window, the lighting is rather dim, there is a big bed and loads of books all around the room...

The big bed with the white sheets... a bottle of wine, not a care in the world... a girl can dream, now can't she? O_o

Have fun watching the movie or your dreams!

Love, S.

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