Wednesday, 29 October 2008

About hugs and kisses... xoxo

I won't write about how great it is to hug or kiss someone, because we all know that ^_^. I will write about the funny situations related to kissing and hugging.

When you think about something for a long time you discover peculiar sides of that thing. Now, for instance, it is a habit that we give our friends a kiss hello and a kiss goodbye. So the kisser maybe wants to give just one kiss on one cheek and the kissee wants the standard two kisses on each cheek. After the whole ceremony the kissee remains with a fat lip and with one kiss pending in the air =]. Another situation is the strange, and for some people very classy three kiss session. This situation on the other hand disadvantages the kisser as he or she will expose a funny kissy face when the kissee withdraws his or her cheeks. And actually the funniest part of the whole kissy-kissy ritual is that it is physically imposibble that both kissing parties receive kisses at the same time, it is more like a face touching thing. The countless kisses that get wasted in the air, it's just sad =]]

So hugs... One funny thing that popped into my mind is the picture-hug. When two or more people are taking pictures, they always hug. I wonder if it is because they want to fit in the frame or because they want to show everyone their affection or just because that's the only way to take group pictures. Boys hug boys, girls hug girls, you even hug the people you don't really like or maybe never even met before, just for the sake of the picture. Now isn't that all lovely and stuff?! =]

So until next time kissez and hugz to all of you


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