Thursday, 23 October 2008

blue-red neon lights *_*

I always have strange dreams... I have several which appear to me more than once... Like this peculiar dream I've had so many times... I am going on the street at night wearing a black coat and high heels, above the sewers there is steam, ambulances and the police are coming and going... (just like an action movie/drama/police movie/thriller from the 90's :P). Anyway I end up in a cheap motel, I enter the room which is right next to the motel-sign, the sign has blue and red neon lights. The room is filthy, I just stay there looking out the window and after this I always wake up...
If anyone can tell me if there is a movie which has similar scenes, please let me know, beacause I've had enouhg of this dream and it never comes to an end.

Anyway here are some clues. Guess the character I am in this dream... :P

a) a prostitute
b) an undercover fbi agent
c) a junky or
d) do you think I need professional help because I am losing my sanity

Thank you for reading and for your cooperation :)

Love, S.

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