Saturday, 21 March 2009

Straight edge time ^_^

As many of you know I'm vegetarian and I don't smoke, I'm not a really big fan of drugs, I just drink. A lot.
I've got a cold for more than four days now, but I still went out last night and drank until I started calling people at five in the morning again dead drunk, not to mention the terrible hangover and my cold is worse than it was at the beginning. So this morning puts an end to all of this shit. Let's see how long I will last... Wish me luck!

Cheers! ^_^


  1. Yessss, yesssssssss:)))))


  2. I know, I know, I know....
    let me tell, please
    (she *nods*)
    ....until something comes up....???

    I got wasted too on saturday, and felt so good (*silly*). ( no hangover, or side fx)
    p.s.: we need to chat some :((