Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Beautiful masterminds *_*

Fifteen people have been killed by a teenage gunman who went on a rampage in south-west Germany, officials say. Among the dead were nine pupils, eight of them girls, and three teachers at the Albertville secondary school in the town of Winnenden, north of Stuttgart.
The gunman, a 17-year-old former pupil named as Tim Kretschmer, entered the school at about 0930 (0830 GMT) in black combat gear and began shooting. He fled in a stolen car, but killed himself after being cornered by police.
Officials said he was an ordinary pupil who had received good reports from school.

[ March 2009]

He must have watched Elephant... I wonder when they will blame it on television or on the censors or on the Internet... Well frankly I wouldn't blame it on anyone or anything... Teenagers have all kinds of scenes in their heads, some of them have the gutts to carry out their ideas, some of them don't. Death and suicide and everything gory for that matter has become such a glam thing in our days. The cult of death is the new black!
Anyway this 17-year-old kid must have had a pretty good reason to run amok like crazy, it's a shame though that he had to die too before even having the chance to explain his motivation.
I'm not saying that it's totally fine what he did, but if we analyse it from a different angle it might make sense [yes, i am on the madman's side:P]. He created art, macabre art [if we exclude the human factors, such as the devastation the families must have felt by losing their loved ones in such a tragic way].
Don't think I'm a total freak, I'm not the only one who considers massacres romanticised. In Romanian literature there is a historical writing called Alexandru Lapusneanu by Costache Negruzzi. It presents the way this ruler slashed 47 noblemen and placed their heads in a pyramidal shape. This writing is a compulsory one in Romanian high schools. I think I don't need to add anything else here...
Bottom line is that I am fascinated by the psychology of serial killers and people who run amok. They are geniuses...


  1. "elephant" was my first thought too, when i heard about this :)

  2. I fell sorry for can you say that killing is an art.Killing is never an art .Nici un act violent nu poate fi considerat arta indiferent de circumstante.And when you say that you are sorry that he dyed befor he could tell his story... what storry could he tell ...there cant be no real resons that would justify his act. only a sick mind is capable of doing such stuff. You say you are fascinated by the psychology of serial killers and people who run amok..hmm maybe a little violence excites you .... but it does as long as it happens to others... have you ever been a victim af a violent action??..and here i am not talking abaut a slap or a cat fight..have you ever been knoked unconsiuos with a fist or threatened with a knife...Do you know that for some of them it takes years to forget the event and some of them never do and they have to live ther life in fear....??? you talk about art even if you say its macabre but you still call it art...I wonder if you wuld fell the same if something like that would happen to you or someone close to you... There are manny methods to break a mans arm /neck /bones that would seem very artistc from an exterior point of wiew but they are not artistic at all. Violence is only violence and its the trade mark of inferior beeings that cannot cope with the reality and are to limited to adapt to todays society. How can they be geniuses when they cant even manage the most common social problems we al face day by day.They are nothing but human defects ,nature errors, and i hope you'll never have to deal with one of them. Look into thsoe poor parts yey's when they mourne their innocent cildren that fell to that mad /sick mans unjustified rage and after thaht try to talck about art. A lot off teenagers these days dress in black and act tough and talk tough but that is all there is nothing tough in them exept empty words an shallow exteriors theyr toughness stops when they have to deal with the hurs reality and problems that life trows in our faces and nd up dooing drugs drinking and crying about how they have been defeted by this world and they dont even try to fight it couse they are not capable...

    Shit.. Excuse my poor english but I got mad and i cant focus on grammar and stuff now..All i wanted to say was that violence cant never be called an art .... There is no justification for what that kid did And i am sorry he died to ...becouse he deserves a long and painfull life... he got off to easy.

  3. slow down there champ! don't give me lectures on what is art and what is not art! this is my opinion and my opinion only!!! you have to understand that! you don't have to attack me in this sort of way. you should read my posts more carefully and then maybe you wouldn't have to argue with my ideas every time :P in this post for instance there are brackets which contain very important stuff. if you'd have read it you wouldn't be so cross!
    I am sorry to say this, but you judge people without taking anything into consideration. And why is it compulsory for every single human being to adapt to society's norms in a perfect and boring way. Imagine life with only boring and normal people. The kind of normal, respectable citizens you talk about! It would be the sadest place in the universe! Bad things must happen too in order to have a healthy balance. I am sorry my dear I don't agree with you, and your arguments should be more thought through in order to convince me. However I appreciate your opinion on this topic, I respect it as your piont of view, after all we all are different and different opinions on things make everything interesting!
    Have a great day drako!

  4. Elephant or Bowling for Columbine.

  5. hey, thanks Wivia, I'll check that one out, I haven't heard of it ^_^