Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Comfortably numb *_*

The time for a significant change has come, I have the oportunity and I will take advantage of it, because I am getting used to a situation I don't exactly like. I need to move on as soon as possible, otherwise it will become very difficult. And I can finally adopt a new puppy then!!! ^_^
I know it doesn't make too much sense to you, but I just had to get it out =]


P.S. Btw, Humpty Dumpty was pushed!!!


  1. there are also clues that indicate that prior that event Humpty Dumpty was depressed and suicidal....

  2. dear drako,
    i find your comments very intrguing, i wish i knew who you are...
    anyway, the humpty dumpty thing was just a split second-kind of image that popped into my mind, it wasn't ment to be a comparison, i might be depressed, but i'm never know, just to set the record straight :P


  3. Dear Sylvia I dint mean to say that you are was just a joke.all of us are depressed from time to time so no worries.
    Who am I? hmm.... thats a question I ask my self a lot when I 'll have the answer you'll be the first to know :D ...until then cheers as u say!