Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Annoying O_x

First of all being pregnant is a really cool, even if there are some days when it can cause quite a great discomfort, but it's worth every second of it. Now, the attitude of some people towards a pregnant woman can be absolutely horrible and annoying to say the least.

Never ever tell a pregnant woman that she's huge, she's not huge, she has a baby of the size of a watermelon in her belly, the only thing that's huge is the difference from being fat or massive or whatever. I actually got to the point when I was sporting a tee saying: I'm not fat, I'm pregnant.

You might not know, but it's a superpower to grow babies in your womb, I bet all the ignorant people who say these absolutely ridiculous comments don't even have one to begin with. We rock moms! ^_^

Also touching and even kissing the belly. Why on earth would you want to do that? As long as I don't walk around touching other people's bellies, I don't see what entitles anyone to do so just because there is a baby inside. What I do when someone just jumps in front af me and starts rubbing my belly I just do the same to them, which causes an awkward situation and some of them actually get the point. On the other hand at least some have the decency and ask before they do it. Anyway my opinion on this is that rubbing a pregnant woman's belly is like rubbing the hunch of the Hunchback of Notre Dame just becuse it's there. Not very nice.

When are you due, is it a boy or a girl, what are you naming him/her, are you afraid of giving birth, does it push you really bad, can you still walk and so on, everyday questions from so many people and it sucks out all of my energy. I am not an invalid, yes I still can walk perfectly fine and do everything as before. As for the rest of the questions, give me a break, would you? It's like asking someone when their birtday is or what their name is every single day. It is annoying trust me. I know that most of them mean well, but if you want to be helpful and nice to a mom, just leave her alone with these questions, comments and the belly rubbing routine. Being sensitive about it is the key.

Oh well, at least I got it out of my system.

Toodles! ^_^


  1. so surprising that we can see the little baby's little foot!(*^__^*)
    what a miracle the pregnant is!

  2. had to say my thoughts are i'm politely saing to you that is your opinion..sure it might aggravite you but i'm sure thousands of expecting moms would say right the opposite

  3. But of course! Blogs are all about personal opinions. Thank you for sharing yours! ^_^
    Sylvinka :)

  4. I'm a mom, I adopted my daughter because I couldn't get pregnant. A dream of mine I still feel cheated about. I love my girl as if she is my blood. I wanted to be pregnant SO badly. I had a miscarriage and then that was it...I would love, love,love to have had the experience to be pregnant & would have welcomed others to enjoy along with me. You never know someones story...please be careful before you judge or be rude...I can understand the personal space/body issue, imagine if you couldn't get pregnant...or maybe had recently lost a child.

  5. Dear Donna,

    I am sorry that you couldn't get pregnant! However everyone has a right to express their feelings and opinions. If I had all possibles life stories in mind I couldn't write anything at all without someone finding it offensive. I respect other people's opinions, but in return I feel mine should be respected as well and not judged. Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy it with your little girl! :)

  6. You should wear a t-shirt that says "I'm a bitch, stay away from me!"